The Moore Family

The family centre St. Elizabeth site is out of this world!

We at the Moore household have had the great pleasure of being able to take part in all that the Family Centre has had to offer. We started bringing our daughter here about 5 years ago. Friends of ours had suggested the ELP program to us as a great way to socialize her with children her own age and to help prepare her for kindergarten. Let me just say WOW…..thank goodness that I did Zoey had only ever been watched by close family members so this was a huge step for all of us. The first 2 weeks of bringing her was very difficult as she cried for mommy every morning “don’t leave me” then 2 seconds after I was out the door a world of fun would begin and soon in the mornings it was “mommy can I go to school today please?”

Zoey started kindergarten with no problems, she had little friends that she met at the ELP program and are her best friends now and walked in with all kinds of confidence, and no tears..of her own just moms.

Then we had little man Jack, I had to return to work very early so I went to my friends at the Family Centre as they are one of the few places that would take infants. Jack was 2 months old when he first started at St.Elizbeth and has developed some fantastic relationships with every teacher from the infant room all the way to the ELP program that he is in now preparing him to go off to kindergarten.

Both of our children have gone through the family centre programs and have had a blast. They love all of the teachers and all of the things they have gotten to do. They have made great friendships… have we.

My hat goes off to all of the staff at the Family Centre St.Elizabeth site, they are terrific ladies and work very hard to make it truly like extended family that we can trust with our children, to care for and teach them as we would ourselves

Cheers, The Moore Family