Our History

In 1992 a representative of the Lester B Pearson Centre approached Community Child Care staff regarding supportive programming for adolescent parents for Wallaceburg.

A sub committee was formed to discuss options and developed a proposal that was submitted to the Ministry of Community and Social Services (now MCYS) applying for “JobsOntario” funding to begin a Supervised Home Child Care Agency for Adolescent parents.

The purpose of this program was to provide teen parents subsidized childcare for their infants on the condition that they remain in school to complete their high school education. A special support group was formed to provide these young mothers with life-skills and parenting education and support.

At the same time, the group applied for Incorporation Status for the “Wallaceburg Adolescent Parent Program” and developed a Board of Directors. The program became functional in 1994. Management of the program was under Community Child Care.

In keeping with government initiatives at the time, private sector childcare centres were being urged to convert to non-profit programs. A privately-owned local centre, Country Playmates approached the Board of Directors of Wallaceburg Adolescent Parent Program, to absorb this program under its leadership.

In Spring of 1995, MCSS provided conversion funding as well as capital funding for the program to expand and move to a refurbished centre at 61 McNaughton Ave. The Incorporated name changed to Wallaceburg & Area Parent & Preschool Program. The Centre was provided funding for the existing Supervised Home Child Care Program, a full-service licensed Child Care Centre, and a new Resource Drop in Program. At this time, the Centre became known as “The Family Centre”.

Early Learning Program

*** This program is currently suspended until further notice**

The Early Learning Program helps prepare children for school entry.

Through play, children work on acquiring age appropriate school readiness skills. Children residing in rural Chatham-Kent who are between 2.5 years and not yet eligible to enter junior kindergarten can access the program. This program is free and runs from September to June. Please speak with the Supervisor in regards to how many hours per week are available.

The program runs from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Parents may extend their child’s time in the centre and pay for time used outside of the program hours.

Organizational Structure

Our Organization is run by Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who best represent a broad range of expertise, knowledge, organizations, and geographic sectors served by the Wallaceburg & Area Parent Preschool Program.

If you are interested in being a Board member with us, please click on this link and fill out the application.

At The Family Centre there is a whole team that works together to support your child and family. All members of this team come together regularly to network and learn together.

This team consists of Director, Supervisor, Educators, Community Supports, and Program Lead.

We also have our Supplementary staff that are a vital part of our team. They consist of Finance, Cooks, and Custodian.

We also welcome students through the high school and college levels.

Our Philosphy

The Family Centre Childcare has been established to provide positive early childhood experiences where children are seen as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential and can grow socially, emotionally and physically in a safe, nurturing family centered and family sensitive environment.

The Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) provides the licensing standards which we must abide by, How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, as a professional resource in regard to learning through relationships for those working with young children and families. It is intended to support pedagogy and curriculum/program development in Early Years programs.

How Does Learning Happen? is organized around four fundamental conditions that are important for children to grow and flourish: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement, and Expression. These foundations are embedded in our centres through our interactions with children, their families and the staff. These four foundations apply regardless of age, ability, culture, language, geography or setting.

We believe:

  • That every individual, inclusive of staff, families and community, involved in our services should be treated with dignity and respect, and have access to available opportunities and services within our community.

  • That respect for family, cultural and community diversity is recognized in the development and delivery of service.

  • That families and relevant others have the opportunity to take an active part in the growth and development of children, and to participate in the development, goals and operation of the services provided by this Organization.  Informed, involved and confident participants are better able to advocate in the best interests of their families.

  • That accountability is essential to the successful achievement of our programs and goals.  We are accountable to the children and families to whom we provide services, to the community, and to the funding sources, in terms of the services offered and the use of the resources with which we are entrusted.  This is the basis of the trust and support necessary to maintain quality services and meet the needs of the children and families involved in our Organization.

Choosing Licensed Childcare

As a licensed childcare provider, we meet high standards in terms of health & safety practices, and also curriculum and learning goals. Details of these standards are laid out in the Regulations for the Child Care and Early Years Act. 

Our classrooms are staffed by Registered Early Childhood Educators and Otherwise Approved staff who are working towards their Early Childhood Education. Our staff receive ongoing opportunities for professional development.

Keeping children safe as they play and learn is essential. With this in mind. The Family Centre insists on the following:

  • Criminal Reference Checks and Vulnerable Sector Screening (all staff)

    • Standard First Aid, CPR, and WHIMIS training (all staff)

    • Anaphylactic Allergy training (all staff)

    • Joint Health and Safety committee & inspections (all locations)

    • Daily Playground inspections (all locations)

    • Safe Food Handlers certification (all Cooks, Management and additional staff)